The Story You Are Shaping

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The Story You Are Shaping

HUMAN was tasked by the United Nations to create a seven-part short film series that will play at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York on September 24th. The films cast a vision for the future of humanity to this historic gathering of heads of state and world leaders who will be present, the largest gathering of world leaders in human history. These films will inspire shifts in policy and are intended to engender empathy for all of humanity from the highest levels to the citizen level. These films were written to world leaders as human beings and thus they are universal.  The films are being released broadly to the world and used as a tool to let everyone know their rights as humans.

+ Credits

Written and Directed by

Jonathan Olinger


Created by



In partnership with

The Office of the Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
UN Department of Public Information


Voice by

Phumzille Sitole



Max Richter
Ben Lukas Boysen
Tim Fain

Creative Direction
Yaara Sumeruk



Ricky Norris
Yaara Sumeruk


Music Supervision by

Jacob Marshall


Sound Design and Mix by

Ryan Pribyl


Produced by

Chelsea Franklin

Juliana Schatz

Hannah Roodman


Special Thanks to

Planetary Collective

Yann Arthus-Bertrand and HUMAN the movie team



The United Nations Foundation

Footage from the film Imizamo Yethu (People Have Gathered) and The Girl from Amsora provided courtesy of Cracked in the Head Films. Director Rory Bain, Producer James Elder, Cinematographer Corey Eisenstein.