HUMAN is an Emmy nominated storytelling agency. We craft strategy and stories using Narrative Design™ to improve the human experience.

Who We Are

HUMAN is a storytelling and strategy agency that creates media for social impact. We work with an array of public and private-sector companies, nonprofit and intergovernmental organizations to design objective-driven stories that come to life through branding, video, and digital media.


Whether we are helping brands redefine their corporate social responsibility platform or creating original documentary content for a nonprofit, HUMAN helps an array of organizations strengthen their commitment to elevating humanity.


We are Emmy nominated experts in how to use media to achieve objectives beyond awareness. Our researchers and strategists think across sectors to harness potential and direct that energy to create specific change and then layer story on top of the data. HUMAN carefully balances advocacy goals, scientific innovation, the best of media and storytelling combined with an authentic artistic voice to make nonpareil media for impact.

What We Believe

Δ is core to being human. The Greek letter Delta (δέλτα) is a symbol used to denote change. As humans, we are constantly evolving. When we change, we change the world around us. The opportunity to improve  the human condition through storytelling inspires us to create and innovate. Change is our ethos.


Human emotions are created by our experiences. These emotions are the primary influence of the choices we make. Collectively, these choices determine how humans behave which then affects the experience of other human beings. Stories allow other’s to step into the world of another. Storytelling has the power to inspire us to be our best and disrupt cycles of violence by challenging the narratives of fear. Stories allow us to feel the emotion of our own experience and the experience of others which develops deeper empathy and understanding. 

We work with causes, communities, companies, creatives, celebrities, candidates and countries.

Capabilities and Expertise

HUMAN has developed one of the most unique processes in the world—Narrative Design™—which utilizes our expertise in gathering Human Intelligence, deploying Human Inspiration, and creating Human Interconnection.

Human Intelligence

HUMAN_intelligence is a consultancy platform built on the central way all humans learn and act—through stories. Via our deep matrix of real human assets around the world, HUMAN  delivers curated insights and expertise that guide decision makers at every level.


HUMAN utilizes a global matrix of human consultants and advisers to create to create an understanding of human connection. We deploy our global HUMAN_intelligence network combined with research, analytics and inventiveness to offer comprehensive global and hyper local insights on the needs and opportunities within communities, creating value for the causes, communities, companies, creatives, celebrities, candidates and countries we work with.



Human Power and Influence Mapping

Human Cultural/Artist Intelligence

Human Technology Analysis

Human Group Listening and Understanding

Human Narrative Comparison

Human Energy and Power Mapping

Human Reasoning and Behavior Analysis

Human Inspiration

HUMAN’s core competency is inspiring audiences. We work across mediums and platforms to reach the audiences needed to achieve your objectives. It starts with your brand and identity which is the first story your audience experiences. We then craft unique visual and verbal experiences that change the way audiences see themselves and the world around them.


Impact Design

Advocacy and Fundraising


Citizenship (Corporate and Governance)


Emergence Design

Campaign Design


Identity Design

Purpose and Metanarrative

Naming and Identity

Visual and Verbal

Manifesto and Values


Story Design

Film Production



Social Media


Storytelling Workshops and Trainings

Creative Direction

Ongoing Advisement


Distribution Design

Narrative Positioning

Human Engagement and Participation Strategy

PR Strategy

Social Media

Human Interdependence

HUMAN utilizes cutting edge experience design and social science to fulfill the mission of our company — to catalyze human interactions and channel human energy towards issues that matter.


Society Design

Society Building Strategy

Society Platform

Audience Building

Human Interaction Design

Employee Engagement

Society Building Workshops


Experience Design

Interactive Design

Environmental Design

Exhibits and Installations

Immersive Storytelling